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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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The synopsis makes it seem like good episodes. The Princess Trilogy just looked horrible, and I read long summaries, a full page an episode. They were actually too long, I would have liked a bit less depth. What did they reveal/have happen that was so important?
The execution. Kiss the Princess is a gonzo paced story that juggles a dozen weird plots. It's got terrific comedy moments, twists, standoffs, the works. There's some great Crichton/D'Argo moments here. Great bits for Scorpius. As silly as the plot can sound, it challenges Crichton in ways that are interesting and in ways that Browder acts out pretty well. Farscape did many multi-part episode arcs, and they're almost uniformly excellent. While the show can be severely uneven, Kiss the Princess is widely seen as one of the standout achievements of season two.

I dunno. Honestly, if you said you'd watched it and it bored you to tears I think that'd produce a less apopleptic response then the one you've been getting. Skipping Farscape episodes because the idea sounds silly doesn't exactly leave a lot of episodes left to actually watch, as Farscape being silly is kind of the default mode of the program.

When I started this thread, I didn't think it would get so intense, I was just posting about my experiences with two sci fi shows I'd never watched befpre
Ignoring comic books, there's an extent to which this is the Babylon 5/Farscape subforum, as discussions of both shows occur pretty regularly and each are held in high esteem as two of the best TV series of their genre.

So you're definitely going to get a lot of passion when it comes to these programs.
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