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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

The Chronicles of Riddick cost $105 million, and grossed $115.77 million worldwide. It certainly wasn't the breakout hit the studio was looking for, but it probably recouped its losses with home video, streaming, and television. Vin Diesel's resurgence in popularity in the Fast & Furious franchise eventually resulted in the third film (currently in post-production), but at a much-reduced budget ($38 million).

Dredd cost $50 million, and so far has grossed $22.79 million worldwide. It's got a ways to go before it recoups its budget. If it sells well on home video, and Karl Urban has a career boost in a few years, it might warrant a sequel, but I'd say the chances are pretty slim. It almost certainly won't get the bigger-budgeted sequel that the filmmakers had in mind.
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