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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

''Murdering Tuvix,'' mentioned Zombie Redshirt in his anti-Janeway comments.

More like separating his two previous halves and restoring the natural order of things. Even if two bodies can be magically transporter-accidented into one, are we to believe two souls also became one? This pro-Tuvix reasoning strikes me as beyond crazy. Four members of the Legion of Super-Heroes were similarly merged to dangerous effect in a 1977 issue of SUPERBOY. Half were male, half were female. But regardless of sex, nobody ever suggested it'd be a good idea to leave an accidental composite creature as is when they can safely be restored. Why they even entertained this notion in VOYAGER is beyond me. Especially considering Tuvok was never annoying until he merged with the annoying Neelix.
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