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Re: Heck Yeah Moments in Trek

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From Ensigns of Command, my favorite Picard line:

" I name ... the Grisellas"
A great scene

PICARD: Pursuant to paragraph one thousand two hundred and ninety I formally request third party arbitration of our dispute.

SHELIAK: Agreed.

PICARD: And further, pursuant to subsection D, three, I name the Grizzelas to arbitrate.

SHELIAK: Grizzelas?

PICARD: Unfortunately they are currently in their hibernation cycle, but they'll awaken in six months, and then we'll get this matter settled. Now, do you want to wait... or give me my three weeks?

SHELIAK: Absurd. We carry the membership! We can brook no delay!

PICARD: Then I declare the treaty in abeyance!

SHELIAK: Wait! Negotiation is --

PICARD: You're damn right.

WORF: Captain, they are hailing us.

WORF: Sir?

PICARD: On screen.

SHELIAK You may have your three weeks, Picard of the Enterprise.

PICARD: Thank you.
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