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Re: What exactly is Regeneration like to the Doctor?

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^Which is still probably a better deal than any of us will get.
Well it all depends on how you view the individual. From any Doctor's point of view, their lives end the moment regeneration takes hold. From an outside observer, The Doctor persists past that point with a new face and roughly similar personality traits. So it may look better than a 'final' death to the observer but for Doctor Ten, he died with the words 'I don't want to go' on his lips.

I suspect that many of us will feel the same when the time comes, 'regeneration' be damned.
I'm not sure Ten was awfully pleased to see Sarah Jane after all so I'm not sure how much that new man notion holds up totally, though I do get what you mean.

From my perspective dying but knowing your memories and personality at least in some form continues would be preferable to just dying and all those experiences being lost.

As for Ten's end, well my view has altered somewhat, Ten's regeneration will always be a bit emotive for me to watch because my dad died about two and a half months after TEOT pt 2 aired, he'd been ill and basically had had enough, told them he was ready to go--basically chose his own time to die, and that's altered my perspective somewhat, I'd always imagined death was something to rail against, suddenly it was something to be accepted. I think in hindsight that's made Ten's actions seem more whiny than they probably were. It still gets me every time I see it though!
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