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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I'm beginning to think we are all getting our legs pulled. Seriously. Kirk has bashed every highly rated, important episode, continually bashes a favourite character, and is now refusing to watch episodes important to the overall arc. It doesn't add up.
I'm not pulling anyone's leg, I give my honest opinions to everything I watch. I am a bit insulted at the insinuation that I'm just trolling farscape fans, but I understand that the internet has a lot of people like that, so its easy to get suspicious. All I can say is that I do not enjoy ticking people off, thats just not the kind of guy I am. I'm just a sci Fi fan who apparently has some opinions that don't agree with other fans. If you don't agree with me, you don't have to read my posts. Now, on to the stuff I watched today.

The Locket (Farscape) - First off, I did skip the princess trilogy, Beware of Dog and won't get Fooled Again, and started again with this episode. Its an average, forgettable episode, I don't have much to say about it.

The Ugly Truth (Farscape) - I really enjoyed this episode. The different tellings were entertaining. Well, except Zhaan's telling, which was a bit annoying. It seems like, once again, Talyn is just around to cause trouble, although their situation was probably more Moya's fault. I was surprised to see stark acting like he did, I thought he was more level headed than this episode showed. Overall, a very good episode.

A Clockwork Nebari (Farscape) - This was not a good episode. It was very Chiana heavy, I didn't watch all of it.
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