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Oy. Disclaimer - I'm trying to err on the side of being overly-generous, but not necessarily succeeding. "Not Bad" means Not doesn't mean Awesome. It definitely doesn't mean Arc-Critical. Going from very old memory and just expressing opinion.

Not Bad TNG - WNOHGB, The Battle, Haven, TBG, Datalore, 11001001, Coming of Age, Heart of Glory, AoF, Conspiracy, TNZ.

Not Bad B5 - MotFL, Soul Hunter, PoD, And the Sky, Signs and Portents, B Squared, Chrysalis
Datalore, 11001001, Coming of age, Heart of Glory, AoF where not on my lists, but I can see why you would think they are not bad episodes. Can't say I agree with WNOHGB, and Haven, and leaving out the battle. But thats the fun thing about opinions.

As for b5, Including Soul Hunter and leaving out "Wilderness" seems to be odd, as I think your the first person I know to like soul hunter. and most like Wilderness for its explore and fun space battle.

But as i said, opinions are unique...and thanks for posting
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