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Re: Looper - Grade, Review, Discuss, ect.

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Question. In the original timeline of Bruce Willis's character he has no interaction with the kid yet the kid still becomes the Rain maker so in the end this is what will happen again. Right?
That's one possible interpretation; that he's destined to become the Rainmaker no matter what and Young Joe's sacrifice was ultimately for nothing (though as a side effect it did presumably save Old Joe's wife unless she died some other way), or that seeing that was in fact what made him become the Rainmaker a second time.

An alternate point to consider though is that Cid and Sara's interaction with Young and Old Joe (particularly the final confrontation) also inspired Cid to finally accept Sara as his real mother. Previously he expressed a great deal of anger and resentment toward her and considered her a liar, which might have kept their relationship more distant as time went on and still prompted him to grow up to become the Rainmaker. Without Joe's sacrifice that bonding moment might never have happened.
Yeah, that would make a good bit of sense, I think.

Timeline 1: Cid never quite accepts Sara as his mother. He has a tumultuous upbringing. Maybe she abandons him at some point. He becomes the Rainmaker. In this timeline, Young Joe killed Old Joe immediately upon being sent back. Old Joe sees his wife die and resolves to go back and stop it by stopping the Rainmaker.

Timeline 2: Originates when Old Joe is sent back for the second loop (from our perspective). Old Joe knocks out young Joe, escapes, eventually tracks down Cid and kills Sara in front of him. Cid again grows up bitter and becomes the Rainmaker.

Timeline 2 could have repeated any number of times as a self-contained causality loop in which Old Joe keeps perpetuating the loop by going back to kill the Rainmaker and ends up killing Sara instead. We must assume Young Joe manages to kill Old Joe shortly after this each time, otherwise Old Joe would continue to hunt Cid (and almost certainly kill him.)

The cycle is broken in timeline n, in which Young Joe makes the decision to sacrifice himself so that Sara doesn't die. Because he's bonded with Cid, and Cid has accepted Sara as his mother, Cid does not grow up to become the Rainmaker. There is also no Old Joe to go back in time and repeat the cycle.

One part of this you just have to accept is that paradoxes do not propagate backward into the current timeline. What I mean by this is that because Old Joe triggered this whole situation culminating in Young Joe's suicide, that should have unraveled the timeline so that Old Joe never went into the past, which means Young Joe never had to make that choice, which means Young Joe should be alive and have never met Cid, resulting in Timeline 1 again. Instead, it appears that time in this universe flows only one-way, so changes in the past immediately propagate to the future, but only in a limited way, and if an agent from the future causes events in the past, those events are not immediately undone should anything causally eliminate the future-originated agent (such as his younger self committing suicide 30 years earlier.) It affects him directly by removing him from the timeline, but it does not seem to affect anything else.

Obviously, this doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense, but that's how it apparently works. Either the paradox resets everything to Timeline 1, or Young Joe broke it for good. There is no way to be sure based on how the film ended, but from a narrative standpoint, we should assume the final timeline worked out "for the best" and Cid didn't become evil.
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