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Re: How did TMP get a G rating?

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Which is an interesting point in and of itself about TMP, actually. Here you have an absolutely horrific, gruesome accident involving two people being killed by the transporter. And then, just a couple scenes later, we're back to making jokes about cranky old McCoy and his attitude toward the transporter. Seems like an inappropriate time to be laughing about his attitude, and certainly his fears would seem more justified at that point.
Kirk also doesn't seem to grieve much when Ilia gets zapped by the probe. Decker does, of course, and doesn't like the cavalier way Kirk assigns Decker to work with the recreated Ilia-Probe as a sort of 'secret agent'. Kirk being somewhat empathetically challenged is very much a theme in TMP. I think they were going with him having a very selfish one-track mind to retake command of the Enterprise, so much so that it gave him a borderline personality disorder. When we get to Khan, Kirk behaves more like himself, but is just bored and brooding and not so much of a jerk.
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