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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 3 (Discussion, Spoilers)

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How did Eli get into and out of the town without being seen? Why didnt Eli park his car in the road to block the convoy instead of just standing in the road?
Yes - these two things were so horribly glaring and obvious, there was no way you could hang a lantern on them. Eli should have been spotted immediately, being in such close proximity. Instead, we get >poof< he's magically there, watching the interaction go down between Rosetti's people and the cops, totally unnoticed across the street with about 20 guys milling about and then >poof< again, magically out of town waiting for the convoy - again, totally unnoticed.

He knows that those cars can't go off-roading so, yes, parking his car to block the road should stop the convoy effectively, especially since the people in the lead car actually did recognize him.

Very badly done this episode...
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