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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

The writers have clearly established that absolute murderous chaos instantly broke out and only the baddest asses like Miles and his Sith apprentice Bass were able to cope. This strikes me as nasty minded nonsense.
Who said it was instant?

The simple fact of the matter is that without the transportation network in near-constant use, the population of North America is currently not in the right place(s) to be fed.

So it doesn't matter if people would want to band together and do mutual good to deal with the crisis. It doesn't matter how noble anyone is. Seven days after the transportation network goes down, there won't be enough resources to go around in any reasonably urban area. And that means that somebody's going to eat and somebody's going to starve. If you don't think the determination of who is who will be made with violence, you're crazy.

Personally, I think everyone would start out helpful. Barbecues on city streets. Restaurants giving away all their food before it spoils. Surgeons providing medical attention under mirrored sunlight. And that would last a solid week.

Then the food would run out in the most densely populated areas, and all of that would go away.

That has nothing to do with having a reactionary worldview. It's just a matter of math. There won't be enough resources. Some people will be willing and able to use violence to secure resources and some won't. Such a situation unfortunately favors those with fewer moral scruples.
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