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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

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Seriously though, while we are expecting, is there any idea of how long Matt Smith might be willing/allowed to keep the role? I'm not saying I do or do not want a new Doctor, but if my understanding of the series is correct, the Doctor has been in his Eleventh form a lot more than any of his regenerated forms.
The eleventh Doctor is one of the Doctor's longest-living incarnations. The tenth Doctor is, oddly, one of the shortest. (The shortest living is probably the fifth, though anyone who believes that "Rose" is a post-regeneration story would argue that the ninth is the shortest living Doctor.) However, that the Doctor has lived for several hundred years in this particular body is no reason for Smith to leave -- or for the BBC to force him out.

Smith's contract was reportedly for three series with an option for two more. That would mean his contract would be up either before or with the Anniversary special. (The confusion is that it's not clear if the Anniversary special is, in production and commissioning terms, part of the seventh series or not.) If he and the BBC exercise the option, then he would be around for two more series.
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