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Re: How often do you watch DS9?

I watched when DS9 was airing in First run, got the DVD sets about 5 years ago, and watched them all straight through, and a few months back watched them all straight through again (As well as Voyager and Enterprise).

I don't watch much new TV (Watching 3 new shows a week is a lot for me, typically, I only have 1 or two, currently only watching Once Upon a Time and looking forward tot he return of The Walking Dead). So, I watch old stuff, I want to rewatch or never saw (Just finished Earth Final Conflict for the first time, and currently watching Andromeda for the first time) at about the rate of a Season a week.

I rarely watch a single selected episode of something, so, generally, I'll start with the first episode and work my way through the entire show.

I want to rewatch Babylon 5 and Farscape again soon and still need to watch all of TNG (Only watched in first airing and the random rerun episode, never had a full rewatch of TNG) and want to go through all of TOS/TAS, so, it'll be quite some time before I return to DS9 again.
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