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Re: One-year countdown thread!

In honor of Scotty's future birthyear, here is the unofficial biography of Montgomery Scott, as told by Simon Pegg...
Simon Pegg wrote:
Here's my take on Scotty's past. Feel free to link it to any Star Trek communities that might be interested. I put it together from research I have done into the character and small flourishes of my own. It is done for fun but with love and respect for the mythology and the character.

Montgomery Scott was born on March 3rd 2222, in Linlithgow, West Lothian. His parents eventually moved him and his brother Robert to Aberdeen, where his sister Clara was born. An exceptional student Scotty (or Mad Monty as his friends called him) was advanced forward several years in the educational system, meaning his intellectual peers were all at University age, whilst he was a mere 14. As a result, he spent much of his time crawling the pubs of Aberdeen with is friends, drinking and getting into fights about thermodynamics and quantum mechanics with men twice his size. At the age of 16, he came to the attention of professors at the Advanced Relativistic Physics Department at Glasgow University, after disproving the Prerera Theory (regarding photon torpedo detonation) and was transferred to study there for a year (where he really picked up the accent) before being accepted to Starfleet Academy on a scholarship.
However he deferred his placement in favor of practical experience in space, working aboard mining ships and freighters, in particular the USS Deirdre, where he fell in love with engineering.
Eventually he attended Starfleet and finished top of his graduating year, although the honor was later stripped due to disciplinary action taken against him due to "highly speculative and dangerous experiments with matter transfer".
The rest as they say is the future.


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