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Re: The Cancellation Game - October

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Last Resort is toast, it was a big gamble for ABC that didn't pan out. And a good example of why networks are so risk adverse. FOX's dino show was the expensive flop of last season.

What works are cheap sitcoms and reality TV, and dramas that are very well matched to the particular network's existing viewership, which means they should be similar to what is already on that network. I thought 666 Park Ave was close enough kin to Once Upon a Time (fantasy) and Revenge (glamorous and soapy) but apparently even that was too far afield. Audiences are piiiiicky. But I'm still sanguine about Nashville, which has the soapy/bitchy DNA that works well for ABC.

NBC is the exception, since they are still trying to rebuild an audience. The fact that Revolution is working out for them is a great sign - now that show will be their touchstone for future drama development, which bodes somewhat well for sci fi and very well for action/adventure. If Chicago Fire hits, then that will be the second touchstone confirming that NBC needs to focus on male-skewing action shows, genre or not.
Yeah but what if the gamble pays off? Look at Lost and how that show took off.

Successful networks like ABC who have quite a few stable shows like Castle can afford to roll the dice once in a while and maybe it sticks. I hope more TV networks do the same or the landscape will get boring as hell.
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