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Re: TNG Caption This! 286: Power to the Players: The Sequel!

Wow! Thanks for the win(s). I've probably blown all my reserve of humorous in just one week...

Riker: "So the last Federation contact this world had was from the... Starship Excelsior?"
Beata os: "commanded by Captain Hikaru Sulu. Why?"

Picard: "That's not the official Arnold J Rimmer salute, Doctor. Nothing less will suffice on my ship!"

Riker: "How do you guys... I mean, this is a planet full of the liberally dressed, flesh on show... so how do the planet's males..."
Worf: "... avoid 'tenting'?"
Man: "Not a problem, all the men on the planet are impotent. We haven't been able to satisfy our women in generations. If it weren't for IVF..."
Riker: "I thought it would be impossible for me to like this planet more..."
Yar: "Commander?"
Riker: "I was wrong."

Picard: "What would this object be for, historian?"
Whelan : "That? That would be a 'business card'. In the days before automated street sanitation, it was used to scrape shit from shoes."

Data: "Ship's inertial dampeners are failing, Captain."
Picard: "Note in ship's log, commendation due to the ship's engineer for his auxiliary dampeners in the Captain's seat idea... also evasive action."

Let's try this again...

Worf: "Ever... mated with a Klingon?"
Yar: "Classy!"
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