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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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The First Commandment: I felt like I was missing something here.. like a huge back story about Mr. I Am God. Did we see him before this and bond with him?
This is the first and only episode Carter's ex-fiance SG officer turned god appears in.

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They never really used the Nox very much, even though they were one of the four races the Asgard talked about. I wonder if all that hair and makeup was an issue?

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Thor's Hammer: What a bunch of crazy ass gobbledegook. But they crammed a whole lot of info into this one that I suspect will have relevance later on and it's refreshing to step out of the sci fi tropes that have been the previous eps. The Unas was very impressive costume wise, looked like something out of Dr. Who.
Yes, Thor's Hammer does establish much that is important for the rest of the series.

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Thor was voiced by Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson).
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