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Re: The bird is out: ENTERPRISE on blu-ray

There's one thing that always bugged me about ENT VFX. While objects like starships, planets and even certain alien races like the Insectoids were outstanding... a few times on the show, less than convincing CG human figures were shown walking outside on pylons, the ship's hull and in one particular instance, Reed and Tucker looking around his Sister's Florida hometown after it's been devastated by the Xindi.

Probably not much that can be done about those now. The effects team clearly learned a few lessons from how they looked, because after the show got canned and they moved onto remastering TOS, real extras were filmed moving against a greenscreen, made tiny and digitally added to Starbases, planet surfaces, mining colony shots etc. Inanimate objects and even alien creatures were fine, but creating realistic human movement in a computer needed a Lord of the Rings budget... Nothing beats real people inserted into the backgrounds to sell the realism.
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