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Re: Thoughts about Filmmaking

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Another example of generic vs. effective.

The space battles in Wrath of Khan and the space battle in Nemesis.

In Wrath of Khan, there are three moments where the ships exchange fire. Three. And very short as well. Khan's first surprise attack and Kirk's comeback. Then Khan's attack in the Mutara Nebula that destroys the torpedo bay and the Enterprise fires back. And then Kirk's attack that destroys the warp nacelle of the Reliant. And yet these are powerful stuff.

In Nemesis, hundreds of torpedoes and phaser beams are thrown around. People are thrown around in their chairs. And the battle goes on and on. Nothing very memorable. The battle as a whole, yeah, but the events inside the battle... nah.

Totally disagree. While ST II: TWOK remains the pinnacle of Star Trek film making, the space battle in Nemesis was VERY effective because we see tactics we have never seen before in the boring DS9 (which I love) mega-battle shoot-em ups. We see the Enterprise rotating to protect unshielded areas, we see them use Phasers to find the Scimitar then targeting it with torpedoes. We see the use of speed and velocity. We see coordination between ships.

Being that we are filming "Axanar" next year and Act 4 is all about a big space battle, I could never use ST II:TWOK as a model, but Nemesis is a great jumping off point.

The Battle in the Mutara Nebula may be a better film experience, but bashing the Nemesis space battle shows a serious lack of understanding of the evolution of Star Trek space battles.

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