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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I'm beginning to think we are all getting our legs pulled. Seriously. Kirk has bashed every highly rated, important episode, continually bashes a favourite character, and is now refusing to watch episodes important to the overall arc. It doesn't add up.
How's a new watcher going to know which character is a fan favorite or which eps. are important? I remember getting a fan of the new Doctor Who series to some of the old show and he didn't like The Caves Of Androzani, a long time fan favorite storyline.

Part of the problem with people see shows anymore is that they can pick and choose what eps. they want to see, even if the eps. in question are important.
I think he already knows these things and is having fun. I have a hard time believing that someone who clearly doesn't like what makes Farscape great would continue to watch it.
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