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Re: If you were on the Enterprise D, what would you do?

Lol, Beta-Z. Good answer.

I'm afraid I would take the whole situation deathly seriously if I found myself on the Enterprise-D with no crew. I'd arm myself while interrogating the computer about what's happened, determine if it's the 21st or 24th Century, and completely devote myself to finding a way to reunite the ship with her crew (and return her to her own time, if applicable). Of course, I'd be lying if I said my sudden undying devotion to reuniting the ship and crew was entirely selfless. There is a member of the Enterprise-D crew I would give literally anything to meet in reality.

And I would never return to 21st Century Earth, no matter what. That I can absolutely guarantee, even if I had to fly the Enterprise alone for the rest of my life with nothing but holograms for company.
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