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Re: Smith and Tennant

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Remember all the criticism Billie got when she was a companion? People were calling her a pig because she had a little extra weight on her.

And those people deserve a damn cockpunch as well. Honestly, so many lovely actresses have ruined their looks by listening to whoever these people are. Its a goddamn disgrace.
Yeah, judging by pics of seen lately Emily Blunt seems to be the latest actress to go all 'Hollywood' looks wise.

When she played Rose Billie looked like a regular person, an ordinary girl, but I guess once you have fame you're then faced with a situation where if you want to at least try and make it in the States, and/or you want to maintain your career even in the UK, there are certain sacrifices you have to make and she's felt them worth making.

Society puts so much pressure on celebs though, countless thousands of magazines sold on the back of "Cheryl's getting fat" one week to "Is Cheryl anorexic?" the next.

Not that its excusively women, mainly, but not exclusively.
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