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Re: Starfleet's biggest jerks?

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There seems to be a bit of a blurring of the lines between officers who were simply difficult, unreasonable, or arrogant, and those who were outright corrupt or breaking rules.

The latter category might include Nechayev, Jellico, Hobson, Hilliard from "When it Rains...", Stiles from "Balance of Terror", ANYONE from ST III, Haftel from "The Offspring", Maddox, Kozinski, Barnaby, Baxter, Mortimer Harren, and Captain Solok. Even Picard and Janeway could fit in this category in First Contact and "Equinox", respectively.

The latter would be Ronald Tracey, the conspirators in ST6, Pressman, Kennely, Leyton, Maxwell, Dougherty, Ransom, Satie, and Marla McGivers

Captain Waters straddles the line somewhat as the episode "Valiant" subtly suggests he intentionally interpreted his orders as being to stay out of contact with Starfleet (knowing that they'd probably be ordered back and he'd go back to being a cadet).

In recent years, I've gained an appreciation for Jellico. The writers have stressed that he wasn't meant to be a bad or incompetent captain (he wasn't), but simply a different captain than Picard. He's more direct, more formal, and less tolerant of delays.

They also used him to get rid of a couple of elements on the show they didn't like: The fish in Picard's ready room that Patrick didn't want (He thought Picard keeping a captive animal was inappropriate) and made Troi wear a uniform because they thought the "bunny" outfit was also inappropriate (If they'd kept her in the skirt from "Encounter at Farpoint", that wouldn't have been an issue. ).

At the end of the episode, it was suggested that a few of Jellico's changes did make some things more efficient.
Jellico was one of my favorite Trek characters. I never once thought he was a bad captain or incompetent. A hardass? Most definitely, but one that gets the job done.

I loved the "get that fish out of my ready room" line and his basically telling Troi to put some clothes on.
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