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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Sorry, I cannot really remember "Best and Brightest" (I guess I am not so much so). Just finished reading "The Patrian Transgression" by Simon Hawke (1994) and while it does not exhaustively treat paranormal psi abilities, it has many interesting ideas. The subject of "intent to transgress" and security intelligence areas of "conspiracy to commit a felony" are not that far apart. Separation between policing functions and security intelligence are suggested as maybe needed.

Oh, I also read "What Money Can't Buy" by Michael J. Sandel (2012) which was a very entertaining short read. Really. Tomorrow I shall see "Dredd 3D" and hope that it is at least somewhat more morally viable than many 18A films. Also currently reading "The Green Guide" by David Suzuki.

Perhaps next ST = "To Reign in Hell" by Greg Cox (2005) which is also subtitled "The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh" and seems to be reputable.

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