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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hi, everyone. I'm pleasantly surprised to see a place where people are still talking about Trek.

Currently rewatching DS9. Started at season 7. Then went back to season 1. Finishing up season 2 now. I don't remember when I started watching DS9, but I'm finding I either don't remember or just didn't see most of the episodes. I only vaguely recall even the season 7 episodes.

I probably came in late to the series, because as a kid, I was a bit of a Trek snob and refused to watch TNG for a few years because it wasn't "real Star Trek". I may have done the same for DS9 -- or just not known it existed until it was a couple years in.

I did live in the boonies where you needed one of those hideously enormous satellite dishes to get more than 2 channels.

I also missed some episodes, because we rarely had decent reception the channel it was on. It was the only thing we watched on that channel, and it was a 2-person operation. One person to rotate the gigantic antenna and the other to tell them when to stop.

When I think back to watching DS9 through all that static, I really appreciate streaming video.
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