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Re: ENTER | Avatar Contest | Regeneration/Icky Makeup/Favorite Foods

Jinxed wrote: View Post
Hey, don't encourage her... if she doesn't enter the rest of us have a better shot at winning... sheesh!
Excuse me. Wasn't it you who posted this?

Jinxed wrote: View Post
Only five entries... c'mon troops, we can do better than this!
So consider these entries specially requested by JiNX.

Besides, I'm just doing my part as your helpful moderator to get the entries up to 6 so you can vote for 2 in each contest.

Jar Jar Binks wrote: View Post
Eh, I'm gonna be up late tonight anyway, so I can wait a couple more hours.
Thanks. You're a sweetie.

(Talking to you, Skywalker, not your Halloween costume.)



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