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Re: U.S.S. Whachamacallit

My main character's ships, in this order:

U.S.S. Shining Armor [Exploration Cruiser Retrofit] [Galaxy Class] [Current]
U.S.S. Celestia [Dreadnought Cruiser] [Future Galaxy Class]
U.S.S. Equestria [Advanced Research Vessel Retrofit] [Nebula Class]
U.S.S. Fillydelphia [Light Cruiser] [Constitution Class]
U.S.S. Fluttershy [Cruiser] [Constitution Class Refit]
U.S.S. Pinkie Pie [Light Science Vessel] [Oberth Class]
U.S.S. Princess Luna [Odyssey Tactical Cruiser] [Odyssey Class]
U.S.S. Rainbow Dash [Advanced Heavy Cruiser Retrofit] [Excelsior Class]
U.S.S. Rarity [Mirror Assault Cruiser] [Avenger Class]
U.S.S. Shadowbolt [Advanced Escort] [Hephaestus Class]
U.S.S. Twilight Sparkle [Assault Cruiser] [Sovereign Class]
U.S.S. Wonderbolt [Star Cruiser] [Vanguard Class]
U.S.S. Spike [Danube Runabout]
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