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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well, loading issue solved, but I do have another question.

I got the daily Explore Strange New Worlds, from Glarr. So, I figure I got the Hromi Cluster. I explored 4 worlds, but still didn´t get ´mission complete´ or the 1440 dilitium. What did I do wrong?
When you say you "got the Hromi Cluster", do you mean you also took a mission to explore that cluster? Because "Explore Strange New Worlds" wants you to complete one of those missions; by itself it doesn't track completion of explorations.

Ah.... I got Explore Strange New Worlds, but also two seperate missons to explore specific clusters. I figured I needed to explore a different cluster for the dilithium.
I'll go and try.
Yah, you have to have both missions active, and complete and resolve the "Explore X" mission before the "Explore Strange New Worlds" will complete.
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