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Re: Dredd - Grade, Review, Discuss, Spoilers

Ok I saw it on Thursday and loved it. It was a very good movie.

So lets discuss why such a good movie has tanked at the box office. This time of year is usually a slow time but this movie has made next to nothing.

I read last week how 3D is not doing so well so that's where my guess will go as to why this movie has tanked. Since this movie did not have a 2D option correct? (In this area all the times seem to be for 3d and no 2d option was available) I know they charge more for 3d and so maybe that along with releasing the movie this time of year has done this film no favors.

Edit: Ahh I see an above poster did see it in 2d. I wonder why they didn't even offer that around here.
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