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Re: What happens if someone from the past shows up...

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What happens if someone from the past shows up in the enlightened society of the Federation and we know tha he commited crimes by "todays" standards?

What would happen to a temporaly displaced Djingis Khan.

I will let Flint go because him butchering people as Alexander was such a long time ago. But what happens if in the characters life the crimes were fairly recent?

Would that temporarily displaced person stand trial?

Is there a special DTI jury and judge for these people?

I think an episode about this moral question would had made great Trek episode.

What do you guys think?
You send them back to their home time ASAP, because they have stuff to do.
What if you can't send them back? Keep in mind that in the "present day" Trek Lit world of approximately 2385ish or so, punishment is on a pretty nice penal colony. Gardens, exercise, fresh air, education and rehabilitation. If we punish past criminals according to "current" law, it will seem like an amazing vacation to them with much better living conditions than they were used to-for the most part. I think they should be prosecuted according to modern day law, so we don't unleash someone with a murderous/criminal past onto Federation society.
Well the example is Genghis Khan. Who has a life to lead and things to do before he dies at the time recorded by history. You have to send him back to the time he left or risk screwing up the time line.

Another quandary: What if it's Genghis prior to him committing his crimes? Should be tried for thing he'll do in the future?
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