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I think you're being rather harsh on S1 of TNG there. While it's by no means a classic, I think most folks think the episode with the Bynars is pretty good at least, but you don't even list it there.

Also, if "Believers" is the episode I think it is, I'd consider it a bad episode.

I do not think "11001001" is that good of a episode, I wasn't aware it had that many fans, but its been about 3 years since I seen that episode, and perhaps I would be less harsh with it, and perhaps I should be kinder, but the next highest episode i left out was "Arsenal of freedom"

As for "Believers" you already said you thought it was "Just like a TNG episode" - now mind you, most TNG episodes are not bad after the first two seasons, and out of the five people I know personally who have watched that episode, 4 of them where shocked by the ending, and the other one was like "Wouldn't it be awesome if they did X" with the X being the ending of the episode. If a episode can have a impact almost 20 years after it was made, I would call it a good episode.

But I am not angry or anything that you disagree - those ratings are totally my own, and I would be curious if you what episodes you would think where good and so on. For example, I think most would agree "Signs and Portents" is a good episode, but I am shocked no one is bashing my addition of "Deathwalker" as i know some think it a bad episode.

Feel free to make a counter point, heck, I most likely will watch a first season TNG episode to see if I will raise it up to a "good" episode or not.
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