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Re: Babylon 5 S2

Season 1 does have it gems, and I would recommend to most folks to watch at least 10 selected episodes of season 1. I know for a fact if I was given the option of watching season 1 of TNG, Season 1 of Voyager, or season 1 of B5, I would Pick b5 as while the bad episodes are very bad, the top ten episodes of Season 1 of Babylon 5 are of good quality.

For example

Season 1 of TNG
1 Very good episode ("Conspiracy")
5 episodes that are ok ("The Last Outpost", "The Battle", "The Battle", "Home Soil", and "Symbiosis")

The rest of the episodes are bad.

Season 1 of Voyager

you have five ok episodes IMO (though to be fair, it had only a 16 episode season, and it been a while since I watched any voyager)

(Caretaker. "Phage", "Eye of the Needle", "Ex Post Facto", "Heroes and Demons")

Babylon 5 has in season 1

2 - excellent episodes ("And the Sky Full of Stars" and "Signs and Portents")
4 - very good epsiodes ("Mind War", "A Voice in the Wilderness", "Babylon Squared", "Chrysalis")
4 - ok episodes ("Midnight on the Firing Line", "Deathwalker", "Believers", "The Quality of Mercy")

DS9 had

1 - Amazing/epic episode ("Duet")
3 excellent episodes ("Emissary", "Captive Pursuit", "In the Hands of the Prophets")
3 ok episodes - "Past Prologue", "Progress", and "The Nagus")

Of course, the worse of Babylon 5 is so bad that it drags down the core of decent episodes down with it. I would say DS9 had the best first season out of the 4, if only due to the fact that Duet is one of the best Science fiction hours in TV.
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