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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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I liked Buffy and Angel even though I don't generally like horror.
They might not be, but I was pegging Buffy as a vampire show rather than a horror show. If the rise of paranormal romance has taught us anything, it's that it's perfectly possible to have vampire fiction/media that isn't in the horror genre.

I'm actually not a Whedon fan, but I like the old school Irish Gothic vampire stories - Carmilla and Dracula, to be exact, and a couple of other assorted things - both Nosferatu films (throw in Shadow of a Vampire and you have a weird semi-demi-trilogy), so on. As with stj, really enjoyed Let the Right One In. Vampires are, to me, a more interesting kind of undead monster than zombies mostly because zombies are usually a monster without an agenda or really any characterisation at all.

I didn't mean to imply there were. I've never felt there was enough space-oriented science fiction on TV.
Fair enough. Whereas I'd put the 1990s as a decade where I'm more than satisfied with the quantity of space-themed TV shows.
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