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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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But those multitudes don't see eye to eye. Not all fans of Gene Roddenberry are fans of Joss Whedon (who as far as vampire TV goes seems to have more Trek fans than any other vampire TV show guy).
I liked Buffy and Angel even though I don't generally like horror. I didn't really see them as horror shows, since the characters usually weren't helpless and overwhelmed, but had the power to stand up to the menaces, so they felt more like superhero shows. Still, I did get rather sick of all the vampire stuff toward the end. Generally, other vampire fiction does little for me. I watched the first couple of seasons of the UK Being Human, and the stuff with the werewolf and the ghost was okay, but all the vampire politics stuff was tiresome to me.

And were there really so many space opera TV shows before 'the past couple of decades'?
I didn't mean to imply there were. I've never felt there was enough space-oriented science fiction on TV. I simply meant that vampires seem to have been disproportionately popular for at least a couple of decades, going back at least as far as Anne Rice's books. (There were plenty of vampire stories before then, of course, but it seems to have been an unending glut since then.)
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