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Re: Gotta admit, Earth Starfleet Command's not very diverse

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This might've occurred to me after I saw a youtube vid somewhere where someone pointed out the same thing with the sea of cadets in Abrams-Star Trek:

It seems like EVERYONE at Starfleet Comand in "Broken Bow" and "First Flight" is a white male with an American accent. (And this is coming from someone who IS a white male)

Not trying to make a big deal about it, but given Star Trek's message, it didn't look very good when I thought about it.
The background actors, perhaps. The main cast, no. Like in TOS only two of the three leads are white male North Americans while the other one is an alien and the rest of the crew consists of different nationalities, sexes and species.
Furthermore there is a difference between mere representation and actually caring about equality. Thatcher was no feminist.
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