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Re: Can you raise only one eyebrow?

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Many of Lapo's outfits make me raise an eyebrow; does that count?

(mind you, I have a sneaking liking for his Rosso Corsa suit. There's a pic floating around with him wearing it in front of his Ferrari collection. Lucky git. )
Lapo's outfits are very hit and miss. Sometimes he pulls off the modern dandy look quite well but often he just looks totally ridiculous.
More misses than hits in my opinion. And I say this as someone who is very fond of quirky suits. He totally lacks the "effortless effort" that is the mark of true elegance. He puts a lot of work in picking his outfits, which are clearly intended to surprise and impress an audience, instead of being simply a manifestation of his style and personality.

But now we are going into my personal theory of aesthetics, which is definitively outside the bounds of this thread.
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