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Re: Did the Voyager crew make the wrong call in Memorial? "

The actual numbers are completely relevant.

The Maquis don't think of 80 bodies as needing a massgrave.

If you jump up and down on the corpses, you can fit 80 bodes into one regular sized grave, and call it a Tuesday.

If the numbers aren't relevant, then there's little difference between this and DS9's Move Along Home, when they wanted to open up one of the planets molten core in the Bajor system as a power station and that codgey old bugger said "hell no".

This wasn't about a war.

There was a war on and they... Fuck it.

I put the disk into my machine to watch it again.



A Starship needs a block of Dilithium the size of a ipad to run, and these days they can regenerate the stuff... Methinks that this was about commerce. I suppose selling natural resources is an end around on the non interference directive.

A little better than selling replicators.


Solders were told to relocate a colony of 82 unarmed civilians. The soldiers were volunteers on the side of right. Considering they were about to go whore it up on a pleasure planet for two weeks after they finished moving the colonists, it wasn't even clear if there was a real war on with good vs bad. The Soliders, unless the were lying or had been lied to, were going to take the colony to a staging area for two weeks and then take them back home. No harm, no foul.


But the colonists decided to kill the solders?

The unarmed colonists somehow were all heavily armed?


This sounds more like Jim Jones or Waco, more so than the soldiers boys did anything wrong until they started burning bodies and that's just becuase they didn't understand what the fuck happened.

I bet half the planet was just heroin fields and it was madness to abandon them becuase it got between them and payday.

The episode didn't have enough informaiton.

Why did the colonists need to be moved for two weeks, and why would they rather kill or die than be moved for two weeks?

Kim and paris spent an afternoon blowing up stars once, wiping out untold dozens of civilizations, but 82 morons count in contention against some of Voyager's other fuck ups... Seven of Nine admits to having facilitated the assimilation of millions in this very episode.

To that girl, 82 people is Tuesday morning before breakfast.


Stupid episode.
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