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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Apropos of not much except the idea of plausibility: I still haven't forgiven Matheson for the idiotic science he used in The Shrinking Man. The psychology, characterization, etc. was spot-on, but the descriptions of what was actually happening to the guy made no sense at all.
I'm not sure anyone ever accused Richard of being a hard-science guy. He's more rooted in the Twilight Zone school of sf/fantasy/horror . . .
Granted, but then he should just stay away from the explanations.

I'm referring to three egregious errors. The first is the announcement that the main character shrinks by "one-seventh of an inch per day", a nice round number which means he loses an inch a week. He also refers to that as a constant rate.
I believe even Richard regrets the one-inch-a-week thing now, which he concedes was a little too glib and convenient.

As for the rest of it, I never really worried too much about the physics of the shrinking process since I never saw Shrinking Man as a hard-science piece. It's like wondering where the Hulk gets his extra mass from or how the Invisible Man can see. The story is about the "what if? premise; the technobabble is just hand-waving to justify the central conceit. Or so I always saw it.

(Full disclosure: I've been Matheson's editor for decades now, although Shrinking Man was bit before my time!)
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