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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
Er, as a matter of record, Roddenberry was only really involved with the first movie.
And truth be told, Roddenberry hardly created the original series all by himself.

Jimi_James wrote: View Post
Here's a question though. Where does this chaplain fall in the chain of command?
If it were a full time assignment and a Starfleet career field, I would imagine it to be a staff position and it's own small department.

How does one person handle the religions of 150 member worlds?
How does one person handle the medical needs of 150 alien species? A chaplain wouldn't have to be an expert in all religions.

LtChange wrote: View Post
... also introducing some controversial element in a Star Trek series
Controversial matters are good. But it hard to see how a chaplain would in fact be controversial, Star Trek is usually keyed to an American audience, a deliberately generic Christian chaplain who ministers equally to all beliefs would be offensive how?

Star Trek was never about religion
There are religious characters in all the series, including the animated series.

The federation is built upon diversity
And right there is the prime reason to have a Starfleet chaplain.

strict religious beliefs will not accept a universal chaplain
If the alternative is absolutely nothing? I would say that acceptance would be positive.

Just take Earths religious views. How can you "sync" them into a universal chaplain?
Military chaplains do this every day.

atheist will not like a chaplain aboard the ship
Why not? The Federation is a diverse assemblage, why would a atheist aboard a Starship wish to deign their fellow crewmembers of something they themselves don't want to avail themselves of?

Would that be enough of a reason?

A huge amount of religious beliefs caused a lot of wars.
Historically about seven percent.

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