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Re: Captain Sisko in First Contact

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That's because series Picard and movie Picard are in fact two separate people.
Action Picard already existed on the show. Remember Starship Mine?
He didn't say anything about "Action Picard".. He showed his action chops several times in the series when it was necessary, so that's not even the issue.

The issue is that Picard in the series is a thoughtful, reserved, intelligent person who respects all life and respects the chain of command, yet Movie Picard is a dumb, overly emotional, aggressive, bloodthirsty, dune buggying idiot who wont hesitate to ignore his orders if it suits him.

Amen. Stewart and the writers came to the conclusion that Picard needed to be more action driven and proactive. They felt for the big screen he needed to be more like Kirk. IMO it didn't work.
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