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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Can we attempt some Spoiler freeness btw? Spoiler tags for whats' ahead would be nice My memory is pretty potty.

Brief Candle
: Thanks to Richard Dean Anderson's acting this was a rather touching story. Yes it's the usual but they made it as much about O'Neill as about the makeup and the race against time and that worked for me. Quite funny seeing the stunned looks of the SG team as their leader just gets up without a word and goes off to have sex with a girl he just met. I can see them thinking.. "well uhh.. he IS in charge so I guess this is his call.." Another reminder that this is not Star Trek.

Thor's Hammer: What a bunch of crazy ass gobbledegook. But they crammed a whole lot of info into this one that I suspect will have relevance later on and it's refreshing to step out of the sci fi tropes that have been the previous eps. The Unas was very impressive costume wise, looked like something out of Dr. Who.

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