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2. As a hybrid, Spock is probably sterile, so having him bonded to a fertile woman is a waste of her potential genes.
I think if Klingons, Vulcans, Humans and who knows who else, all with vastly different physiologies can manage to breed perfectly healthy children then ensuring the blended offspring are fertile is a very simple matter. We're talking totally different organs and blood already overcome.

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But, he's a half breed, surely they wouldn't go out of their way to have him as breeding stock. Now sure, I doubt they would attempt to prevent him from breeding, but, recruiting him wouldn't be their first priority, I wouldn't think
I think they would attempt to prevent him. I suspect Vulcan society will become more totalitarian and controlled in the interests of logically ensuring the best continuance of the race. They may end up more like the Romulans.

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