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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Yeah, a Trekkian pseudo-Utopia cannot be simulated on a game show. Plus which, none of the contestants would have the mindset of someone who is born into such a culture. Still, it has the potential to be interesting and is a more worthy topic for such a show than most.
SyFy can simulate a sanitized sort of utopia (which is why it reminds me of Star Trek) just by installing contestants in a house and getting them pizza etc whenever they like. I can't see SyFy getting too crazy with what they'll deliver, but they could certainly set up an experiment where nobody has to lift a finger to get all their PG-13 desires fulfilled and then see how long it takes them to all get completely bored and beg to be sent to the brutish and short reality.

If the Utopia part of the show is just a reward and not part of the show per se, then it's only about the Hobbesian struggle, and Survivor already does that. The only way this idea is interesting and not redundant with other reality shows is if we see how people react to both "realities" and whether expectations of being happier in Utopia actually pan out.

Personally, I think it would take me longer than one TV season to get bored of Utopia, but if I was stuck in it for years on end, yeah, I'd be climbing the walls.
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