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Re: "Nor the Battle to the Strong"...

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I enjoyed this episode immensely. It really put you in the viewpoint of a regular person in the Trek verse as opposed to the regular heroes who aren't afraid of anything and will always do the right thing when things get tough.

Jake's hardly among my favorite characters, but this is an episode where you really feel for him a lot and they captured his viewpoint of everything from being annoyed by Bashir's babbling to fleeing from the battle because he's scared quite well.

This is my second favorite Jake episode, nothing being able to trump the Visitor. This is also the only freaking episode where artillery is used in ground combat. So points for realism there.
Pretty much everything here...I agree with. This is one of the best war episodes of the entire series and I would rank it highly among best overall episodes of the series. Perhaps not in the top ten, but definitely in the top 20.
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