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Re: Did the Voyager crew make the wrong call in Memorial? "

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So power wanted to move a dinky village, there was some shooting. 80 people died. Someone didn't want to go to jail so they started hiding/burning bodies... Um? Big deal.

This is all about 80 hillbnillies that didn't want to be relocated.

Chakotay is an Indian!

Either whitey moved his lot into the corner, or space man kicked his ancestors off the planet.

Economies of scale!


1/4 of that crew is Maquis.

When power told the Maquis to be good cows because the government wanted their homes, them picked up all the weapons they could find and almost brought two empires to their knees through political disobedience and terrorism.

What should the Maquis get from this experience?

How to be a wuss?

In theory every single member of the Maquis crew had been minding their own business eating dinner only to find 2 minutes later they're gutting a Cardie who just kicked their door down at least a dozen times.

They already lived the experience of this Monument, but with BALLS.

And when their war is over I am sure they don't want their successors forget about it. There is the collective memory of the society and there is the memory of the individual. I don't see the conflict (as long as there is no mind rape involved).

And I don't think actual numbers are really relevant.
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