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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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^^^Yes. But you do have to understand that some of us are awful, no class people who don't find much about sexuality to be transgressive. Or are possibly even bad enough to downright favor some of it. I haven't found vampires properly creepy for a long time, barring the ones in Let the Right One In. I must admit the pedophilic overturns were pretty unnerving. Robots, spaceships and aliens may be equally well-used in literature and drama but they don't rely on an unfamiliarity with the variety in human sexuality and the usual lack of destructive consequences on society.
Hmm. While there's no denying that there's often been an erotic element to vampire fiction, I wouldn't go so far as to say that it only appeals to conservative, anti-sex prudes. (I suspect there are plenty of Goth types who would argue strenuously with that proposition.) I think vampires are basically a potent combination of blood, sex, death, immortality, morbidity, and mythology that's proven remarkably versatile for nearly two centuries now.

Vampires (like space aliens) are all-purpose metaphors for anything you care to think of: capitalism, tyranny, predatory relationships, addiction, disease, etc. And, as a genre, it embraces everything from traditional Gothic horror (which can be fun if you're into that kind of thing) to pseudo-scientific stuff like I AM LEGEND, psychological character studies like Sturgeon's SOME OF YOUR BLOOD, action flicks like the UNDERWORLD series, and, yes, florid romance stories and kinky erotica. (Which some "awful, no-class people" actually enjoy.)

My point being that I'm not sure why the same fans who seem to think there can't be enough space operas on TV tend to roll their eyes at the prospect of another vampire show. Is it that the popularity of TWILIGHT has tainted the entire genre in some peoples' eyes? Is it that some fans prefer their fictions more Apollonian than Dionysian? Or is there some sort of sf vs. horror rivalry going on?

Vampires. Zombies. Aliens. Androids. Time-travel. They're all just well-established plot devices to be used as needed. And they can all be equally entertaining if executed well.

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