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Re: TNG Caption This! 286: Power to the Players: The Sequel!

Riker: *Thinking to himself*, Man, this is just like that wet dream I had last night, but something's not quite right. I can't put my finger on it, but somehow, in my head, things were a little bit different. Ah, well, can't worry about it now...

Though you do have to give her credit for trying, Beverly Crusher could never quite get the basics of the "High Five" 100% correct.

Riker: Who's your tailor, William Ware Theiss?
Rivan: Yes, why do you ask?
Riker: No reason...

Even though he felt it was a scam, Picard couldn't resist the "Drop your business card here for a free lunch" promotion at Mel's Diner.

Director: Damn it, Patrick, when we yell, "Tilt!" we mean it! Alright, we'll try it again, and this time Patrick, can you PLEASE act as if the ship is tilting violently? Act 2, Scene 5, Take 106, and ACTION!
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