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Re: The Revolution pilot is online now...

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...You only need to look at hurricane season or something like hurricane Katrina to see that it would happen much more quickly....
Might I suggest that on the contrary Katrina is an excellent case that shows how notions of the mob instantly destroying everything is ideology, not fact, nor even reasonable speculation? Katrina was widely reported as a massive breakdown in law and order, with widespread looting and really gruesome horror stories, centered largely on the Superdome.

These dramatic anecdotes make a powerful impression. But that's exactly why you have to consciously articulate the bias of the mass media. The ideology in the Katrina case was of course racism, but there was also the government interest in distracting attention from its failure to take action even to properly evacuate the neighborhoods threatened.

Given these imperatives, the news media which have internalized the official ideology and have been deliberately structured to be "responsible" (i.e., confirm, not contest) embarked on a carnival of racist slander. Shots fired to attract the help of rescuers were instantly promoted into deliberate mad dog assaults.

Looting was the story when the public interest meant the important story was the indifference of the government to the people's welfare, as opposed to the oil refineries' welfare. Not even the networks could completely ignore this, especially when the loathesome president went out of his way to praise the obviously inadequate efforts. But how many national news reports investigated why school buses were not used in evacuations instead of what particular kind of merchandise people took from a doomed Wal-Mart?

Outright fabrications about the Superdome were lovingly detailed with lascivious delight. Those stories were so appallingly vivid that the movie Sarah's Key compared the Superdome to one phase of a Nazi roundup of Jews in Paris in 1942! Nonetheless the absence of lurid trials for the alleged rapesand other violence should powerfully suggest to all but the most die hard racists that there was something horribly wrong with the reporting. In particular, the discovery that the worst atrocity in Katrina was in fact a relatively well to do white neighborhood spawning a vigilante group that murdered African Americans trying to escape through "their" neighborhood.

No, I think Katrina is instead a powerful lesson that racism and other ideologies slandering the mass of the people on behalf of the rulers, who prize the order protecting their property above all else are alive and well. The belief that humans will devolve into an instant mob when or if the powers that be lose their grip is reactionary, even if the lovable capitalists on DS9 thought so.

When the news media reported on Haiti, where they were foreigners unable to dominate all reportage, they were so consumed with their vulgar racism and backwardness they were baffled at their inability to find real instances of the anarchy their bigoted ideas predicted. It was much easier when they had an effective monopoly on the news, and their government was providing all the official information! In the end, they resorted to claiming the US invasion was a humanitarian mission instead.

Again, the sequel is never as vivid as an anecdote. The US has arranged to prevent the largest political party from running a candidate in the presidential election, making the current president a puppet responsible to his foreign masters instead of a democratic leader chosen by a free and fair election.

The terrain Revolution is plowing is well manured, but I think it just stinks.
The people of this country need regime change here, not abroad.
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