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Re: FINAL POLL - September Challenge - A Great Fall!

Ptrope wrote: View Post
Congratulations, Lensman! Looks like you defintely had a great fall!

Great work, guys! You both had great approaches to the challenge; looking forward to what The Lensman comes up with for October!
Klaus wrote: View Post
Congrats The Lensman on the well-deserved win, and ty for my votes!
Thanks guys! Klaus, you were a worthy opponent! Although I was thinking I was going to get to go KLAAAAAAAAUUUUUSSS!!!! if I lost.

I was surprised that it was just the two of us tho', as Ptrope will usually have an entry even without a WIP thread. And I thought this was a pretty easy contest.

I'll have the new contest up sometime tonight. I have two ideas, one is seasonal (Halloween themed) and one is not, and I'm trying to decide which one to go with. Also, I need to read that thread that says which ones have been done before.

I do wonder what the preference is since Halloween is this month and last year had some awesome entries.

Cronos6939 wrote: View Post
but I'd love to see the truly epic show suggested by the "Fall of the Empire" poster.
Thanks Cronos, I'd love to see that movie too! It'd be epic "epic". And that's pretty damn epic.

"Everyone Booze Up And Riot!!"
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