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Of course it didn't help that ST audiobooks were mostly horrible. Abridged cliff notes that did a disservice to an author's intent to tell a story.
Totally disagree with you there, but I guess it's what you're looking for. I never expected a ST audiobook to give me the same experience as what I had just read. And I never felt the need to rehear the entire contents of the book I'd already read.

I guess that people who like/demand unabridged novels listen to them instead of actually reading them? I bought them for new voice performances by the Star Trek actors I loved. My disillusionment probably started when George Truett started doing all the adaptations (most earlier ones were supposedly abridged by the original authors; they started mentioning in interviews that they were no longer being asked), and it deepened when ST actors were no longer getting the gig, in favour of stock S&S Audioworks performers.

As I said earlier, it's actually the unabridged audiobooks in my collection I've never gotten around to hearing. If I've already read the book, I'd probably rather be reading the next new book on my pile than hearing someone read an old one to me all again.

I admit, I was rather bewildered when unabridged books even started turning up. I saw a "Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy" in a store (I already had an abridgment, but then the original book expands on the old radio show scripts) and already had the abridged version. Did I really need Douglas Adams in my ear reading his entire book?

You may disagree with that but most people hate/hated abridged audiobooks which is why that particular form of audiobook is all but extinct now outside of a handful you still see in stores.
"Most people"? I always assumed the move to longer and longer abridgments was due the commercial success of each new release, and then the advent of CD technology (and now downloads) improved the economic viability that eliminated the need/expense to make and store giant packages for the bulky plastic-and-tape audio cassettes.

That people now prefer, or can have, unabridged stories doesn't necessarily mean they "hated" the old, abridged stories.
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